Beginner Hatha Yoga

 These Beginner Hatha Yoga classes will be for ALL ability levels!  Even if you are completely new to yoga, these classes will be perfect for you!  During our time together, we will bring our attention inward while holding poses for several moments and focusing on our breath.  This will allow us to stretch and strengthen our bodies.  These classes will allow us to get a heating workout while also slowing our breath and calming our chattering minds.  There will be 3 parts to our classes:

•            Breathing. We will spend some time at the beginning breathing intentionally to release tension and anything that isn’t serving us. 

•            Poses. We will move through poses that will help improve balance, flexibility, and strength, while still focusing on the breath. Olivia will offer modified postures throughout the practice so that you can choose the variation that best serves your body. 

•            Relaxation. We will end our classes with a short period of quiet relaxation time that will allow us to prepare for the rest of the day ahead. 



Olivia Hilverding

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